Assured shorthold tenancies in England and Wales

Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession

Section 21 notice professionally drafted and ready to serve

A section 21 notice is a legal notice required if you wish to recover possession of your tenanted property.
It is the most common and simplest notice requiring possession as it does not require any reason, or breach from your tenant.

On expiry, a valid notice entitles you to begin eviction legal proceedings should your tenant refuse to leave.

A Valid Notice is Crucial

If you selected the wrong type of notice (there are two types), got the expiry date wrong, or even used the wrong wording, your notice will be deemed invalid in court and you will have to start over having wasted months and the court fee.
In addition, rules are often changing due to new court decisions...

Avoiding costly mistakes and making sure that your notice is valid will save you a huge amount of time and money.

Note as well that if you received a tenancy deposit, it must also have been protected in all cases (even if the tenancy started before 2007) for a section 21 notice to be valid.

What We Offer

We will professionally draft a valid section 21 notice for your exact circumstances. Guaranteed.

You will just need to reply a series of simple questions that will allow us to work out the right notice and the right dates for you.
We won't ask you to work out any date yourself (e.g. expiry date of the tenancy) and you should be able to reply all questions simply by reading your tenancy agreements.
It will only take a few minutes.

In addition, our notices come with a guide on legal proceedings, from service of the notice, to court application and finally bailiff enforcement so you are fully prepared.

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Satisfaction guaranteed 288x288

We guarantee our notices

We are confident of the quality and validity of our notices and will refund you if you are not satisfied.

Before ordering, please check that you have the following information handy:

  • Landlord and property details.
  • Tenant details.
  • Details of first and latest tenancy agreements.
  • Details of protection for any tenancy deposit received.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.