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New mandatory section 8/13 forms

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New Forms for section 8 and section 13 from 6 April 2015

A number of prescribed forms for notices under the Housing Act 1988 will change in England on the 6 April 2015.
These notably include section 8 notices of possession for rent arrears and section 13 notices of rent increase.

This means that any such notices served from the 6 April onwards must be in the new prescribed form to be valid. It is therefore important that landlords ensure that they have and use the new notices from that date as otherwise the consequences may be important.

We have the new versions of the section 8 and section 13 notices available from today at an introductory discounted price.
These include a section 8 notice template pre-filled with rent arrears grounds.

Following the Deregulation Act, a prescribed form for section 21 notices will come into effect later this year. Stay tuned.