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New mandatory section 8/13 forms

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Section 21 prescribed form amended

The new prescribed form for section 21 notice has just already be amended, even before it becomes effective tomorrow.

There were quite a few issues with that form (discussed here) and this ‘new’ new form fixes some of them, and creates more.

The main error in section 3 regarding the validity period has been corrected, and the wording has been improved throughout.

However it still states that all joint-landlords should (instead of ‘must’ previously) sign the form, which is not the case.
As it happens, the prescribed section 8 notice contains the same misleading statement that all joint-landlords must sign.

Moreover, the guidance to tenants regarding the dreaded new section 21C still worryingly suggests, in my view, that the tenancy will end on the expiry of a section 21 notice.

Lastly, the form now somehow, and incorrectly, states that, for periodic tenancies, the notice period may depend on how often rent is paid. The original wording correctly stated that the relevant parameter was the tenancy period, so this change is rather baffling.